Coronavirus (Covid 19) Guidance

Dear Customer

We appreciate this is a worrying time for both customers and staff, so we all need to be extra vigilant and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their support and understanding at this difficult time


Wagtail Country park will remain open as normal unless otherwise advised by the government in which case all customers will be updated.

  • We are situated in an open space with natural surroundings and lots of fresh air, so it could be the best place to be if you are self- sufficient
  • We are tracking government information and we will advise customers of any changes

Wagtail recommend government guidelines issued should be followed at all times

In order to protect yourselves Use common sense hygiene practice while here

  • Washing hands regularly. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds and use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices such as using tissues when coughing or sneezing and disposing of the tissue in a bin.
  • Maintain a sensible distance from others of at least 2 meters


If you have your own shower and toilet facility in your caravan / motorhome we strongly recommend that you use them rather than the parks shower blocks

Wagtail Country Park Shower Blocks / Facilities

The park will continue to clean daily as normal and remain open unless told otherwise but recommend the following:

  • Take antibacterial wipes with you to the showers etc and wipe handles, toilet flush or any other surface or item before you use it with your wipe as a precaution
  • Use tissue if using toilet flush, door handles or other surfaces
  • Wear surgical gloves for protection whilst in shower blocks available in reception free of charge
  • Take your own toilet roll – we are currently struggling to get toilet rolls from our current supplier
  • Less handling of anything will help you keep safe
  • At some point we may be forced to close all shower blocks, pot wash areas and laundry room


Minimum or No contact check in process

  • The park will now contact customers prior to arrival to obtain the outstanding balance and will provide an envelope with a site map advising pitch number and facilities along with a barrier card if required to hand to the customer
  • Whilst this situation is ongoing, we will not obtain a deposit for a barrier card so as not to handle unnecessary cash and trust customers will return the barrier card in the post box on the brick wall by the notice board opposite reception


Site Reception

Please avoid entering reception for unnecessary reasons or if you feel unwell whilst we have the current situation

Reception staff will be available on the end of the mobile phone 07814 481088

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